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Leading Surgeons for Breast Augmentation In Ann Arbor, MI

The aspect of wanting to feel and look great is an ever enticing experience. Many women are now choosing to have different plastic and cosmetic procedures to look and feel their breast. The reasons do vary in different individuals; however child birth, uneven small or large breast and sagging breasts due to old age are the most common complaint.

Changing and rejuvenating ones look for the better is a welcomed feeling. However, only a few surgeons actually take the whole breast augmentation surgery to another level making it an art. Below are a few of the leading surgeons for breast augmentation in Ann Arbor, MI and their qualifications:

Dr. Pramit Malhotra, MD

Deemed as an extremely knowledgeable doctor with care that produces minimal scarring. Dr. Malhotra has been lauded as one of the few who actually take a keen interest on all his patients before and after the operation. He is a certified surgeon in plastic surgery and otolaryngology and performs both surgical and non surgical procedures. He has two offices in and Ann Arbor and is currently the director of Ann Arbor plastic surgery having performed over 5000 surgeries in the 11 years he has been in the profession.

Dr. Malhotra has the professional requirements to be a member of the America society of plastic surgeons. With a motto of 'Beauty revealed', he has put to practice the knowledge and skill he trained in at the University of Michigan, Ohio state college of medicine, university of Minnesota and university of Wisconsin where he trained in head and neck surgery, focus on facial focus, prestigious awards for his exemplary plastic surgery performances

Dr. Jackson Sampson, MD

Jackson Sampson is another MD that has the best personal reviews from patients regarding the wonderful results they get from the breast augmentation process that he performs. Mr. Jackson is currently the president of Argyie plastic and reconstructive surgery. He is a board certified plastic surgeon for breast augmentation in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Dr. Sampson has been hailed about his passion for patient’s care and health safety above all. With over 25 years in plastic surgery, Howard is the protégé of Howard University. He has also trained in Henry ford medical center, university of Texas, and john Hopkins hospital where he is currently an Alumni member.

Dr. John F. Zavelle, MD

Since 1993 Dr. John Zavelle has been hailed for the great follow ups that he has on his patients especially during the recovery period after breast augmentation process. He is a certified plastic surgeon who trained and focused on cosmetic and breast surgery. Currently he is an Investigator in ongoing implant technology research and thus puts to practice safe and better practice methods on his patients.

Dr. John Zavelle is a member of the American society of plastic surgeons and the American college of surgeons. At the moment he holds an esteemed position as a resident plastic surgeon at providence hospital near Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Dr. William Sabbagh, MD

Finally in the list of top Ann Arbor breast augmentation surgeons is plastic surgeon William Sabbagh. A man passionate with his works and detests an unnatural fake appearance. He is currently the chief of plastic surgery at Straith Hospital for special surgery, Southfield's Michigan where he has been since 1995.

Dr. Sabbagh is a certified plastic surgeon who finds satisfaction looking at different and better ways of improving a clients overall appearance. He is eager to answer all the patients questions and finds pride in unveiling to the patient a successful breast augmentation surgery. He underwent his education at New York medical college in Valhalla and the Baylor’s university of medicine in Texas.


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